What is a report?

A report contains various chunks of tabular data extracted from all of the documents within a given Doc Set.

A report is a type of project that allows you to choose any number of 'chunks' of data across one or more documents in a doc set which then extracts all of those same data chunks from all of the other documents in the doc set and presents them in a tabular format.

The typical workflow for creating a report is to review one or more documents and select various chunks that are of interest to you using cards that represent the chunks. Along the way, you can change the label Docugami has assigned to that particular chunk as well as edit its boundaries (making it a smaller or larger amount of words/paragraphs/etc) and you can even replace the contents of the card with an entirely new chunk of data if the wrong one was initially identified.

As you're working, Docugami is already identifying these chunks in other documents which can be viewed either as a document or in a tabular format. We ask that you review, fix and confirm these chunks for the first 20 documents of a doc set in order to provide training data that improves accuracy. Once trained, you can publish your report which will then allow you to export it in a variety of ways.