Working with the Doc Sets View

This is where all of your doc sets are organized and can be managed.

All of your doc sets, whether automatically created by Docugami or manually created by you, will show up in a list under Doc Sets. Clicking on any given doc set will give you a view very similar to clicking on one of the doc tabs above with a lot of similar functionality but the view itself will be limited only to docs within that doc set.

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 7.45.45 PM

In addition to the standard actions such as reassign, download, delete, and download DGML which become available as one or more documents are selected, you also have the ability to rename the doc set as well as an info panel at the bottom which shows how many documents are in the doc set and the status of the doc set which can be Ready, Processing or Error. 

When a doc set is automatically created by Docugami, this is a good view to start by reviewing all of the documents that are clustered into this doc set and removing or reassigning any that are incorrect. From there you may want to review either Unassigned Docs or your other doc sources to see if there are any documents that belong to the doc set but we're missed during processing and add them manually to the doc set.