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Docugami API

Our API enables other systems to programmatically interact with Docugami

The Docugami API is currently in preview, and additional functionality will be added over time. Complete documentation can be accessed at: https://api-docs.docugami.com

Getting Started

To get started, please login to your Docugami Workspace (https://app.docugami.com) and navigate to Account > Developer Hub to create an API token. Keep your API token private, you will use it to authorize all subsequent API calls against your workspace.

2023-03-14 09.18.13

The API exposes various REST endpoints, and follows industry standards. For example, here's how you can use postman to list all the documents in a workspace:

  1. Set the API token you got above from the Docugami Developer Hub as a bearer token for authorization
  2. Send a GET request to https://api.docugami.com/v1preview1/documents, per the API docs for the list documents endpoint.

Since this is just a REST API, you can easily access it in the language of your choice. For example, python:

import requests

headers = {
'Authorization':'Bearer ...'

response = requests.request(


More Functionality

The above example is just the beginning, and you can explore the full capabilities of the API at https://api-docs.docugami.com. In summary, you can:

  • Upload, download, delete, or get more information about documents
  • Create and delete document sets
  • Assign and un-assign documents from document sets
  • Download processed document output as XML

In the coming weeks, we will add additional support for the following: 

  • Creating and listing projects
  • Creating, listing and downloading project artifacts (including transforms)
  • Subscribing to webhooks for event notifications

Getting Help

We're here to help make your integrations with our API successful. If you encounter any issues with the API, please open a ticket or send us an email at support@docugami.com 
The API fully unlocks the power of Docugami's Generative AI platform. We're incredibly excited to see what you will build!